SCOM 2007 R2 Console Command Line


Typically installed in C:\Program Files\System Center Operations Manager 2007

Microsoft.MOM.UI.Console.Exe /?

Command Line Syntax:

Microsoft.MOM.UI.Console.Exe {/Option[:Value]}

Option Description
/? Shows this help window
/ClearCache Clear the UI cache (this is the one that made me look for this)
/Server:<ServerName> Connect to the specified server
/ViewName:<ViewName> Display a view
/TaskName:<TaskName> Run a task
/TaskTarget:<ObjectId> Use in conjunction with /Task
/ManagementPack:<MpName> Use in conjunction with /TaskName and ViewName options

You can see it says you can find a complete list int he help but I have not found anything yet. Anyone else?

FYI – Don’t use /Clearcache when connected via RDP unless you know there are no others using the console at the time.

Also remember if you are trying to use viewname etc you should be using the internal name not the display name, something like this :

Microsoft.Mom.UI.Console.exe /viewname:System.Views.AlertView

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