Security awareness training

Security awareness training is one of the most effective ways of reducing cyber-risks. After all, if you know the threats and why policies are in place, you’re less likely to be a victim.

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Statistics and studies around the Internet paint a grim picture:

  • 30% of phishing emails get opened
  • 90% of the phishing emails contained ransomware
  • 33% of companies have been the victim of CEO fraud (spear phishing or BEC attacks)
  • The number of data breaches increased by 40% in 2016 to more than 4.2 billion records
  • 123456 is still the most popular password.

When end users know what to look for, the risk of a breach reduces massively.

Simple Security’s Awareness Training breaks down key security concepts and threats into plain English and real-world stories, so anyone can understand and know how to manage cyber-threats.

Our security awareness training program is specifically targeted for SMBs. We’ve removed the barriers to entry – no complex setup or features that need a security specialist to use. Just the knowledge your team needs to protect themselves.

Designed as bite-sized chunks, each module is self-contained, covering a single topic.

Data ProtectionPasswordsEmail and Phishing
Social EngineeringMalware and


  • Key security elements, de-geeked and made simple for everyone to understand
  • Short, focused modules on key security areas including data security, passwords, phishing and other email scams, ransomware and social engineering
  • Real-world stories to show applications of key concepts
  • Access to regular live security webinars and other training materials
  • Testing to ensure comprehension

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