Enterprise-grade Phone System for SMBs Lower costs. Reliable communication.

With our Cloud PBX, you get all the features your business needs for incoming, outgoing, long distance and conference calls. No more phone lines. No more chargeable minutes. It’s all inclusive! Your enterprise-grade phone system provides uninterrupted communication, better flexibility and reduced costs.


Reduce phone service costs 

Meet your growing needs Put an end to costly hardware, bill shock, long distance fees and long-term contracts. You’ll get predictable billing and reduce costs by 50-75%.

No more busy signals
You’ll never miss an important call. A lot of features are available in call queues that help to create customized experiences for your callers, including your personal phone menu (IVR), call forwarding and voice mail.

Number porting
Use your existing phone number or get a brand new one. All you have to do is plug in your phones. No delays. It’s that easy!

Meet your growing needs
Business taking off? Congrats! Easily manage users, devices & locations to meet your growing needs. Adding phone numbers and extensions is easy.

We guarantee 99.999% uptime reliability for your calls. That means you won’t have to worry about interruptions or unexpected downtime. Your Cloud PBX will automatically re-route calls during a potential disaster.

Work from anywhere
Get greater mobility and freedom. Your PBX
system is BYOD-friendly, so your team can
connect from any device, from any location.

Be more productive

Work smarter and faster with desktop/mobile
applications and 40+ features, including followme/call forwarding and unlimited calls.


 Continental US/CAN minutes included
Find me/Follow me
Unlimited call recording
Unlimited auto-attendant (IVR)
Unlimited conference bridge

Unlimited Incoming Simultaneous Calls
Unlimited channels
Plug & Play deployment
Music on hold
Call routing
Virtual fax

Unlimited Outgoing Simultaneous Calls
Group pickup
Hunt groups
Call blocking
Caller ID
Phone book

911 Disclaimer

There are significant differences between E911 service and traditional 911 service, and you should know how E911 differs in both reliability and effectiveness from traditional 911. Please take time to read our detailed documentation here:

Limitation of responsibility – 911 VoIP Service.